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Jamia-The dawn

Jamia Ahmadiyya - The Dawn

The concept of opening an Institute, capable of producing scholars, well-versed in Islamic theology, came to the attention of Hazrat Promised Messiah (Peace be upon him) when two great stalwarts and scholars of our Jama‘at, Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Kareem Sahib Sialkoti (May Allah be pleased with him) and Hazrat Maulvi Burhan-ud-Din Sahib (May Allah be pleased with him) passed away in 1905. During the same year, Hazrat Promised Messiah (Peace be upon him) also began receiving recurring revelations indicative of his demise. During a passionate speech at the 1905 Jalsa Salana, Hazrat Promised Messiah (Peace be upon him) called upon the Jama ‘at, to open an institute that will produce scholars capable of shouldering the responsibilities of winning the hearts of humanity towards Islam. It was his ardent desire that Ahmadi devotees should enroll themselves in an Institution that would mould them into such pious and God fearing persons, who would be worthy of emulation by other members of the Jama‘at.

Hazrat Khalifat-uI-Masih I (May Allah be pleased with him) fulfilled this dream by establishing such an Institution in Qadian, India. It was called ‘Madrassah Ahmadiyya’and was later known as ‘Jamia Ahmadiyya’. Hazrat Khalifat-ul-Masih III (May Allah’s mercy be on him) was a pioneer Principal of Jamia Ahmadiyya in Rabwah, Pakistan, while Hazrat Khalifat-ul-Massih IV (May Allah ‘s mercy be on him) completed his seven-year studies at the Jamia Ahmadiyya.

The purpose of establishing the Jamia Ahmadiyya is mentioned by Hazrat Promised Messiah (Peace be upon him) in these words:“The only motive for our establishing this Madrassah is that we should place religion above the world. And formal education has been included in the programme so that this may serve the purpose of religious knowledge.”

Huzur (Peace be on him) further said:“Our motive is not that one should pass F.A or B.A degrees and be going about seeking the world. Our view is that such people should spend their lives seeking religion. And I think Madrassah is necessary because it may serve the purpose of Religion.”

Jamiatul Mubashireen

 Recent Additions and Highlights

 Says the Holy Quran:


“It is not possible for the believers to go forth all together. Why, then, does not a party from every section of them go forth that they may become well versed in religion, and that they may warn their people when they return to them, so that they may guard against evil”.

(At-Taubah 9:122)

 Says the Holy Prophet (s.a.w): 

“The superiority of a scholar over a saint is like the superiority of the moon over the stars. The scholars are the heirs of the prophets. Money and wealth is never the heritage of the Prophets, rather their legacy is knowledge and wisdom. Anyone who acquires knowledge indeed inherits great fortune and goodness”.

(At- Tirmidhi. Kitab-Ul-Ilm, Bab Fadhi- ul-Fiqh)

 Says the Promised Messiah(a.s): 

 Says The First Khalifa(r.a): 

 Says The Second Khalifa(r.a):

 Says The Third Khalifa(r.h): 

 Says The Fourth Khalifa(r.h):  

Says The Fitht Khalifa(a.b.a):